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Adhesive punching velcro
Adhesive punch type velcro matte
Packaging adhesive stamping velcro
DIY adhesive stamping velcro
Dot back adhesive velcro


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Huizhou Mei rite Textile Co., Ltd.

----Professional production line。 Rope manufacturer。

Founded in the spring of 2005, the company has been expanding its business for more than ten years。 In mid-2015, the company established the Melitai Textile R&D and Production Base Line Belt Factory in Xiaojinkou Jinyuan Industrial Zone, Huicheng District, Huizhou City。 It has more than 200 professional production technicians and is a large line。 Belt。 One of the rope manufacturers, sewing thread, high-strength thread and Bondi thread。 Fish thread, colorful thread, gold and silver scallion thread, adhesive buckle, back-to-back strap, no scratch, sticky ball, mushroom head stamping, hot screen printing, sewing and other special adhesive buckle, ribbon, elastic band, rope and other production enterprises。 - - We have semi-automatic and full-automatic production processes, most of the production machinery and equipment from imported textile machines, the main line of products with the entire production process。 The basic procedures are as follows: first, the loom will be raw nylon warp belt loom to create embryo belt shape, in the high temperature dyeing equipment will be semi-finished embryo belt dyed into a variety of colors。

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Our products are widely used in various industries.

Our products are widely used in various industries.

Widely used

Cable and electrical computer
Baby toys children
Clothes, bags, footwear

Products have various lengths, strengths and colors, suitable for finishing data lines, the management of various electrical wiring harness, fiber optics and so on. We can also provide deep-processing products, such as printed patterns, fire protection, waterproof products, which can achieve the most stringent safety standards.


Continue to pursue innovation, differentiated products and market share in the personal care market。 We provide a perfect combination of performance, softness, productivity and other aspects of the children, baby products, toys industry。 Our engineers are experienced in mass production process and can provide customized products。 Products are safer, more environmentally friendly and more humane。


In the search for fashion and footwear brand style and function optimization, we need new solutions for you, designed to meet the forefront of design and improve product performance。 Our solutions not only enhance the end-user experience, but also provide a definite competitive advantage。 Whether you are looking for customized colors or suitable for different climates, you can provide first-class products。

Textiles, life, kitchen

Our products will be your best choice when you are looking for a combination of fashion and performance in outdoor and sports. We provide customers with outdoor sports, sports and other solutions, so that your market, design, production team to obtain the flexibility they need in the design, and can deliver innovative products, cost control.


Whether it's an industry exhibition, a live show, a promotional show, an office space, or a kitchen, our products are easy to use. It can be easily removed without causing any damage. The Back-to-Back Magic Sticker series makes your exhibition work lighter than the cumbersome assembly work.


From disposable products such as sick clothes to respirators, these reusable devices are widely used in medical equipment and patient configuration solutions。 In close cooperation with excellent medical equipment companies both at home and abroad, we always provide customers with advanced fastening materials, deep processing products and finished products based on their specific needs。

Car Mobile VR
Exhibition Garden Advertising
Military industry, Fire protection

Magic strap products create a reusable packaging material for customers, not only to help customers ensure workplace safety, but also to reduce costs and reduce waste。 We provide customers with a wide range of bandage solutions for bags and cardboard boxes, allowing customers to easily store and transport。 And our special magic sticker to meet the special requirements of the material strength of customers, can provide you with a large package of re-placed and unpacked。


Magic straps work well in humid, dry, extremely hot, extremely cold and freezing climates, and can effectively reduce damage to crops. Our products are tested by the European Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and can be used for binding and wrapping food. At the same time, our products can also customize printed patterns according to customer needs to display product codes.


赢冢彩票注册Our products provide reusable solutions in different colors for the defense industry, which can be used in bundling and finishing without compromising the requirements of visual signals and near-infrared spectroscopy。 Whether it is power line management, harness management, melting belt or vacuum tube hydration management, can be properly applied。

MEIRUITAI Quality is trustworthy.

MEIRUITAI Quality is trustworthy


       Research and development of more than 5000 kinds of magic stickers products

It is green, non-toxic and environment-friendly, and it can be used more than 20 thousand。


Heat resistance: hook melting point is 230 degrees centigrade, the melting point of the wool is 180 degrees, and it can maintain 1000 hours from 93 to -56.7.

Cold resistance: -20 can still be used, the lower the tensile force is, the lower the durability.

Water resistance: maintain 50% pulling force in water and completely recover after drying.

Drug resistance: alkaline soda water 50%, ammonia 28%, hydrochloric acid 2.5%, nitric acid 3.5% below can still play a role.
(Note: the test material is 100% nylon Velcro).

Authority certification, honor constantly

Strict checks are for quality only。


Through ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification

German TUV certification company BSCI management certification, SGS (ROHS) EU environmental certification

(SVHC) certification. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 standard certification!

NEIRUITAI Capacity reached 100 thousand M / day

Advanced equipment will bring you guarantee of delivery.        

>MEIRUITAI Processing efficiency is faster than ordinary machine production 1/3

>MEIRUITAI The impact equipment is 6 times faster than the common equipment。

>The new adhesive grade production line is precise and controllable, and the coating is uniform。

Fireproof belt Velcro - full flame retardant hook and loop fastener
Back-to-back Velcro straps, straps, cable straps
Hair band, hook and loop
Hair band, hook and loop
Raised cloth, magic cloth, looped cloth
Sticky ball, sticky ball velcro
Back to back velcro
Shot hook
Sticky ball velcro
Elasticity does not catch the velcro
Green velcro
Yellow velcro
15cm wide velcro
Card strap
Hook hair velcro
Hook hair velcro
Hook hair velcro
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Perfect after-sale service system, professionally derived from focus。

24 hours quick response, whole process quality tracking control.


>Own factory, order quantity is flexible, product category is complete, style is rich, small batch also has spot support.

>Our company sends samples to logistics companies with fast speed, complete outlets and reasonable prices

>If quality problems (non-human damage) are found, please apply to us for replacement within 15 days from the date of purchase. Warranty period

>Our company provides free door-to-door service and free supply of spare parts.

Brand creates word of mouth,5000+ common choice of well-known customers

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MEIRUITAI Serve every step with your heart.

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A hot melt line is a linear joining material made of a heat-meltable polymer. When the book is bound

The fishing line is also known as the transparent line (transparent sewing thread) or nylon monofila

赢冢彩票注册The wire is made of nylon wire and low melting point, and then bonded. It has soft and special bondi

赢冢彩票注册The adhesive tape refers to the common adhesive tape and the special fastener tape itself。 After the

The adhesive tape has a common hot melt glue, which has a melting point and is suitable for low temp

The difference in the material of the ribbon, ribbon or ribbon. It is generally easy to use the comb





All products can be customized according to the needs of customers.

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